Integrative consult


Happy, healthy and free of pain!

That’s what you want for your dog or cat! But despite the fact that you do your utmost to take good care of your buddy and prevent problems, it can happen that complaints occur.

For example, Max the labrador suffered from osteoarthritis in his hips and back. He had a lot of trouble getting up in the morning, was stiff with walking and therefore didn’t really feel like walking anymore. The painkillers from the regular veterinarian did help, but not enough.

Appel was an elderly cat who lost some weight, wasn’t her usual self and started drinking more. Blood tests showed that she suffered from elevated kidney values. Appel’s owner wanted to do everything she could to support her.

Boo the dachshund was paralyzed on her hind legs from one moment to the next. Tilly the British Shorthair always had a sensitive stomach and intestines but now she could hardly tolerate anything and she had continuous diarrhea.

Acupuncture can help with all these problems!

IVAS gecertificeerde dierenarts acupuncturist. Acupunctuur voor honden en katten in groningen. Holistisch, persoonlijk en up-to-date kennis.
IVAS gecertificeerde dierenarts acupuncturist. Acupunctuur voor honden en katten in groningen. Holistisch, persoonlijk en up-to-date kennis.


Examples of

diseases responsive to acupuncture treatment:

Reviews from my customers

"Our dog Boo developed major problems with her hindquarters last December. She could no longer raise or lower her paws. She was dragging both her hind limbs. We were worried and were already preparing saying goodbye to our very old and very loyal four-legged friend. Through our veterinarian we were made aware of acupuncture for animals. Never heard anything about it. We went to try .......and after a few treatments there was movement in the legs again. After a few more treatments, she was able to walk small distances with little support. The treatments continue. Boo happily walks to the vet and allows herself to be treated very easily. Thanks to these treatments, we hope to give her beautiful senior years. She has earned that."
Hester with Boo
"Evy, one of my Border Collies has trouble getting up after a day of working with the sheep. She walks stiff and rigid. Sometimes this persists for a few days where she limps. Through Facebook I see that Anneke does acupuncture on animals. After doing some reading up, the thought was soon. "it's worth a try". After an extensive intake and examination, it was suspected that Evy soured in her muscles. Acupuncture could help her well. Thus began the first treatment then repeated several times over a short period of time. Evy improved quickly. She is more flexible and has no more pain symptoms. She played with the other dogs again. Meanwhile, we still come quarterly for a "maintenance treatment." Evy turns 9 this year.... But jumps around like a young dog! A happy dog ... makes a happy owner!"
Ralph with Evy
"Hi, I'm Troi and I'm 16.5 years old. You wouldn'd say would you? Anneke is an acupuncturist. She does not treat me with needles (because I'm sensitive) but with a laser pen and it works fine for me. Anneke is very sweet and takes into account my sensitive side. With the laser pen, she affects different acupuncture points which makes the energy in my body flow better. It works so well, then I think I am being treated for my back pain, for example, but hey, then it turns out that my digestion has also improved and I no longer suffer from incontinence either! I visit Anneke regularly because her treatments allow me to still enjoy my old age well."
Elly with Troi
"Our dog Rocky had been suffering from an intermittent ear infection in his left ear for almost 1.5 years. We also noticed that Rocky was not comfortable in his proverbial skin. He no longer liked being lifted and would growl occasionally. Almost everything western veterinary medicine had to offer Rocky, we had tried but had not found the solution. Anneke took all the time for us and for Rocky, explained exactly what she was going to do and did some tests on him. And indeed, a number of energy pathways were disrupted including one that exits at his ear. The pain Rocky indicated when lifting was also caused by this. After only a few treatments, the pain was gone and we noticed that hairs began to grow again behind his ear. Acupuncture, good nutritional advice and the right medication have ensured that his ear infection is healed, his bald spot is completely gone and he no longer has pain. Very special to be able to see and experience up close what can be achieved through close cooperation between Eastern and Western medicine. Grateful to have been given this opportunity."
Monique with Rocky
"Hello, I am Sammy, a kitten of 14 years. For a few years now, I was not so comfortable in my beautiful black skin. I licked myself to bloody bits and was very bitchy to everyone. The little dogs and the cat who also live in my house were just afraid of me. Once we arrived at Anneke's place, she immediately felt many things that were not comfortable in my body. She would press with her fingers on certain spots and they would hurt me very much. She then put a few needles in my little body, then I would sit there quietly for fifteen minutes to half an hour. When Anneke pressed the same spots again after that, they (almost) stopped hurting! Great, it looked like magic! After 1 treatment, I was also rid of the diarrhea I had been having for months, so I (but especially my mom) was very happy about that! For the other organs, I had treatment weekly or every other week for several months. I have become a completely different kitten. I have my cone off by now and don't lick myself anymore. The acupuncture given to me by Anneke has absolutely helped me feel much better and finally comfortable in my skin again!!! Thank you again dear Anneke!!!"
Yvonne with Sammy
Nera our sheltie of 5 years, has had two litters. After her last litter, she was less comfortable in her own skin. She made less contact with me and her coat was visibly less beautiful than before. She also slept more and was less active. A general blood test gave no abnormalities yet I still did not have my happy Nera back. Now Anneke performed an acupuncture treatment on her. The very same day I noticed a big difference. We have now had three treatments and I am very positive! She is playing nicely with our other dogs again and comes for a hug regularly. We still need to see if more treatments are needed but so far I am already very happy with the results!
Daniek with Nera
" Tessa was already quite old when she got a heart murmur, she was given medication for that. In addition, her back was increasingly troubled. Anneke suggested trying acupuncture and I was open to that. Tessa has, I think, had acupuncture once every 2/3 weeks for almost a year for her back pain from Anneke. The difference was really obvious. Before the treatment she could hardly get up, after the treatment I always walked with her in the woods and she jumped over a branch again with ease. Anneke was always very sweet and compassionate and Tessa was happy to see her every time, even if it was in veterinary practice which, like most animals, she was not a fan of. Unfortunately, acupuncture does not stop old age either and Tessa passed away last summer, but the acupuncture certainly made her last period bearable and worthwhile."
Judith with Tessa
"Spiky became increasingly ill overnight in March 2019. He still ate and drank but we had to feed him the food because he could hardly walk. We also had to lift him outside but he stayed where I put him. Spiky had the very heaviest painkillers he could have but they did not work sufficiently. We also really thought we had to put him to sleep because we couldn't put him through that pain. We made an appointment with Anneke and fortunately we were able to get one very quickly. And a miracle really happened because after only the first time, he was almost pain-free. We came home and he jumped right back on the couch which he hadn't done for 2 weeks. After having acupuncture a few more times, I can safely say that Spiky has recovered."
Emmy with Spiky
"I think Anneke is a pleasant person to deal with and so does my dog. Noya clicked right away and that's kind of nice. Anneke took all the time to note all my dog's issues and did an overall check. Noya got 8 needles in her body while Anneke explained well how it works. My dog just stayed put and after a while the needles spontaneously fell out. Anneke ended the session with a little fooling around with Noya and a toy. Now after three treatments it is different. Her pulse has improved, her tongue looks completely different and more beautiful. At home, she is suddenly very confident and acts like the leader who is completely done with the meddling behavior of her future pack successor. Her teeth we all got to admire here again.... And then our finest moment: long-lasting fireworks are set off again in the street. As usual, my youngest Border Collie then comes barking too me. I then sit on the floor and hold her stiffly against me and she quickly calms down. The moment I am sitting like this, I suddenly feel another body against my legs: that of Noya lying curled up against me. No shivering, very stiff but so not hiding in the transport box that has been into our living room for her since September. For me, an unprecedented emotional moment because my dog seeks contact with me and for a moment she doesn't feel like totally unreachable. I am very glad we started this course and see this as a great tool to help my dog with her fear of death during the fireworks period. Thank you Anneke, this works for us."
Gesina with Noya
"I then started looking on the internet for another solution and came across the Qi 4 Paws website. Acupuncture, well you have to believe in it some people say. My email detailing Maggy's problem was written, I had no hope that there was a treatment for it. Anneke wrote; yes I do have treatment for that, and the first consultation was arranged. In this consultation, Anneke asked a lot of questions; she also saw Maggy, lying on the floor like a heap of misery. After her examination she began putting needles, they had to stay in place for fifteen minutes, this did not bother Maggy. Maggy's diet was also adjusted on Anneke's advice. Miracles don't exist, or do they? Not that she immediately felt completely good again, but you could see Maggy's eyes shining again. She also wanted to go outside with the other dogs, I thought at the time, it won't be those few needles after all. After four appointments, I had my Maggy May back, happy and cheerful as she used to be. On top of that, Maggy's hair texture has changed, firmer and shinier. Anneke thank you so much, you have given me back our Maggy."
Harma with Maggy
"In early April, I came to the Animal Hospital Groningen with my increasingly poorly running young Cavalier Morris (19 months). He has always had nutrition and defecation problems. He was in a lot of pain. Immediate action was taken, he went under anesthesia and pictures were taken. This showed narrowing in his back and mild osteoarthritis at his hips. To my surprise, Anneke had immediately given him an acupuncture treatment while he was under anesthesia. I didn't know they could do that with animals. With pain medication and nutritional advice and a new acupuncture appointment, Morris and I went home. He improved visibly. He is still on light pain medication/anti-inflammatories and we are not there yet but after 2 treatments I had the happy, enthusiastic Morris back. Anneke explains everything clearly. Together with the nutritional advice, Morris has already greatly improved. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!"
Annemieke with Morris

How does it work?

Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. If the body is in balance and the Qi (life energy) can flow freely, the body is healthy. Due to influences from outside or from within, the balance can be disturbed. If the body cannot resolve this imbalance itself, disease can develop. In acupuncture, specific points (acupuncture points) on the body are stimulated to activate the self-healing capacity of the body and to restore balance.

Most acupuncture points are located near important nerves and blood vessels. At the location of an acupuncture point, the electrical conductivity is greater and the resistance is lower. When we stimulate an acupuncture point, it gives a local inflammatory response that improves blood flow and releases all kinds of substances that transmit various signals to the body.

Also, stimulating an acupuncture point affects the neurological system. The stimulus of the acupuncture needle is transmitted to the brain via the nerves and spinal cord. Functional MRI research has shown that each acupuncture point has a different effect on the nervous system/ brain. Different neurological functions can be affected with different acupuncture points. This in turn leads to the release of substances such as cortisol, serotonin, endorphins and dopamine. These substances have several important functions in the body. These substances can, for example, inhibit inflammation, improve the immune system or reduce pain.


Acupuncture is a holistic healing method. Everything is connected and everything influences each other. Therefore, the whole animal and the conditions in which that animal lives are always looked at.

A complaint can sometimes have a completely different cause than what was initially thought. In case of complaints, we always try to eliminate the cause and not only treat the symptoms. Complaints will only heal if the cause is removed.

IVAS gecertificeerde dierenarts acupuncturist. Acupunctuur voor honden en katten in groningen. Holistisch, persoonlijk en up-to-date kennis.

The acupuncture consult


The first consultation is always an intake consultation. You will receive an extensive questionnaire in advance. We discuss all complaints and the situation of your animal.


I check your buddy from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. Parts of acupuncture are also looking at the tongue, feeling the different wrist positions and feeling a number of diagnostic acupuncture points. We look for the underlying patterns.


All findings are listed and we immediately do the first acupuncture treatment. Finally, we discuss any additional treatments such as adjusting the diet, adding supplements or herbs and adjusting the lifestyle.

Acupuncture is a safe, holistic and effective treatment method that helps the body heal, reduce pain and inflammation and improve quality of life. It ensures happy, healthy and pain free animals!

IVAS gecertificeerde dierenarts acupuncturist. Acupunctuur voor honden en katten in groningen. Holistisch, persoonlijk en up-to-date kennis.


Acupuncture intake consult

Price FROM:

€ 120,-

Questions you may still have:

If acupuncture is applied by a veterinarian with a thorough acupuncture training (IVAS certified) it is a very safe way of treatment.

Side effects of acupuncture are very rare but can occur. Usually these side effects are temporary and not permanent. For example, it may seem that the symptoms initially get worse during the first 1-3 days after the treatment. Some animals are tired the first day after treatment. These effects indicate that something is actually happening in the body and usually these side effects are followed by an improvement in the situation.

Acupuncture can be combined with most conventional and alternative therapies.

How many treatments are needed depends on the condition. In most cases, I will advise doing 3-4 treatments and then evaluate the effect.

This depends on the condition of your animal and the treatment method we apply. In general, I recommend doing a number of sessions first with 1-2 weeks in between. If symptoms improve, there may be longer between sessions. There are animals that come every month for treatment and animals that come several times a year.

Most animals do not experience pain during an acupuncture consultation. The needles are very thin and are carefully placed on specific acupuncture points.

Some insurers reimburse an acupuncture treatment. Always check this with your own pet insurance. For this, the veterinarian-acupuncturist must be registered with the SNVA.

This depends on the condition your animal has and the treatment method we apply. Some animals experience a clear improvement after a single treatment, while in others several treatments are needed before improvement is visible.

Yes, acupuncture can be safely combined with other treatments such as medication or physiotherapy.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to send me a message!