Where there is no movement there is pain. 
Where there is movement there is no pain. 
— Traditional Chinese saying

Spiky became increasingly ill overnight in March 2019. He still ate and drank but we had to feed him the food because he could hardly walk. We also had to lift him outside but he stayed where I put him.

The vet thought he had back trouble. An X-ray was taken which showed that he had a neck hernia.

Spiky had the very heaviest painkillers he could have but they did not work sufficiently. We also really thought we had to put him to sleep because we couldn’t put him through that pain.

Until the vet talked to us about acupuncture, which might still help.

We made an appointment with Anneke and fortunately we were able to get there very quickly.

And a miracle really happened because after only the first time, he was almost pain-free.

We came home and he jumped right back on the couch which he hadn’t done for 2 weeks.

After having had acupuncture a few more times, I can say that Spiky has recovered completely.


Emmy and a big hug from Spiky

In many cases, neck pain can be treated well with acupuncture.

Some time ago, a study was also published on the treatment of neurological neck problems in dogs. A group of dogs with various neck problems ranging from neck pain alone to paralysis of one or more legs was treated with an acupuncture protocol.
The treatment was successful in all cases!

From the perspective of acupuncture, pain is a stagnation of Qi. This can be caused by, for example, trauma to one of the meridians, but also by an underlying shortage of Qi. In addition to eliminating the stagnation, and therefore also the pain, it is therefore also very important to look at the underlying cause. If you do not treat the underlying cause, the complaints will of course come back in no time.

At Spiky, we have been able to lift the stagnation and work on the underlying causes. Fortunately, he responded very well to the treatment and can go through life pain-free again. And that’s what we do it for!

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