Nutritional therapy

Optimizing nutrition to prevent or cure conditions. A tailor-made nutrition plan based on fresh food.

Voedingstherapie: Optimale natuurlijke voeding voor jouw hond of kat om aandoeningen te voorkomen en/of te genezen.

"Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food."

Not minimal but optimal nutrition

Chinese medicine says: Are you not feeling well? Then adjust your diet first. If you do not achieve the desired effect, only then do you choose therapies such as acupuncture or herbs. This shows how important a good diet is for us and our pets.

Nutrition plays a role in most disorders. Diet can play a role in causing disorders and it can play a role in curing disorders.

Many commercial diets are based on minimal nutrition. The minimum amount of protein and potassium, for example. In this way, the manufacturer meets the requirements that are legally set for the food for dogs and cats. But we don’t want food that meets the minimum requirements, we want food that is optimal for that dog or cat. We don’t want there to be a minimum amount of protein in it to survive, we want that amount of protein that is needed for that patient to be and stay as healthy as possible.

Holistische dierenarts. Acupunctuur, voedingsadvies en voedingstherapie voor honden en katten.
Holistische dierenarts. Acupunctuur, voedingsadvies en voedingstherapie voor honden en katten.

A tailor made nutrition plan

There are many factors that play a role in determining the best food for an animal. Consider, for example, factors such as: breed, age, gender, amount of exercise and what kind of exercise, the environment in which the animal lives, the possibilities and preferences of the owner, what is available in that environment , the disorders that that animal may have, the medication that such an animal receives, etc. A sports dog needs different nutrition than a dog that lies on the couch all day. For example, in an animal with impaired kidney function, we want a diet with fresh, easily digestible and high-quality proteins, less phosphate and more omega-3 fatty acids. To what extent these adjustments are necessary depends on how the kidney function is at that moment.

As an integrative veterinarian with additional training in natural nutrition, Chinese nutritional therapy and integrative nutritional therapy, I can take all these factors into account. I put together nutrition plans that I can completely adapt to what your dog or cat needs. I use software so that I can see exactly what is in that nutritional plan and what adjustments are needed. This way you can be sure that the nutrition plan contains everything your animal needs.

I have been able to cure many animals of ailments with just adjusting the diet!

Why nutritional therapy?

A tailor made nutrition plan!

Chinese foodtherapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) looks at food very differently than we are used to in the West. From a TCM perspective, every food has a number of effects on the body. This way we can find a suitable diet for every patient and for every pattern (imbalance). For example, if a patient has a shortage of yang (too little heat), we give this patient more foods with a yang (warming) property.

Through my training in Acupuncture and Chinese nutritional therapy I can use this form of therapy to prevent or help cure disorders and / or to get your animals back in balance.

To apply Chinese nutritional therapy I need a Chinese Diagnosis. This means that I examine your animal on both the Western and Eastern methods. Based on these tests, I make a TCM diagnosis on which I then adjust the diet. Chinese Nutritional Therapy is often combined with acupuncture treatments. But of course you don’t have to.

Voedingstherapie: Optimale natuurlijke voeding voor jouw hond of kat om aandoeningen te voorkomen en/of te genezen.

Reviews from my customers

"Switching to fresh food is the best decision we ever made for our dogs! Our oldest miniature Schnauzer ate kibble for 8 years. Due to obesity, she was only allowed to eat a ¼ of the amount so she was constantly hungry. She had little energy, played little, could not jump on the bed by herself and walks were very stressful for her. She is now eating more and losing weight. She has more energy and is acting like a 2-year-old puppy again. Our second dog made a snoring noise for which we have already been to three veterinarians and to a specialist. Since she is on fresh food, she makes this sound twice a day instead of every 20 minutes. If you have any doubts about starting fresh food..... do it! It will be the best decision you ever make for your animals. Anneke thank you so much for everything!"
Debbi with Bella, Miley and Lilly
"I can't believe how happy and healthy he is with his new diet. I asked Anneke for help with his feeding a few months ago. She responded very quickly and was very patient with my millions of questions! She is now the nutritionist for all my dogs! Thank you so much! "
Tiffany with Arlo
"Ever since Frans Ferdinand moved in with me from the shelter some ten years ago, he has had problems with his intestines. Very often he had diarrhea and he threw up a few times every week. Many examinations later, there was a high chance that this was something chronic. So how to proceed now? Drugs for the rest of his life? Well, what has to be, has to be, but I preferred a more natural solution. Fortunately, there was Anneke with her experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This was an option that appealed to me much more than one with chemical agents. After a "Chinese" diagnosis, she formulated a custom diet for Fer using only fresh ingredients. Step by step, we introduced it. Who would have thought that Mr. would eat with relish things that are not at all catty? If it wasn't already, eating has really become the highlight of the day for Fer. But most importantly, of course, is the result. I have only one word for that: stunning. He rarely vomits anymore, and maybe this is too much information, but he has never produced such beautiful droppings. We are now about three and a half months in and, as the last scan showed, the inside does not yet look as it should, but it is a lot calmer. It will always be a weak spot and we are watching him like a hawk, but if it continues like this, I'll sign for it. Thank you, Anneke!"
Maaike with Frans Ferdinand
"I think Anneke is a pleasant person to deal with and so does my dog. Noya clicked right away and that's kind of nice. Anneke took all the time to note all my dog's issues and did an overall check. Noya got 8 needles in her body while Anneke explained well how it works. My dog just stayed put and after a while the needles spontaneously fell out. Anneke ended the session with a little fooling around with Noya and a toy. Now after three treatments it is different. Her pulse has improved, her tongue looks completely different and more beautiful. At home, she is suddenly very confident and acts like the leader who is completely done with the meddling behavior of her future pack successor. Her teeth we all got to admire here again.... And then our finest moment: long-lasting fireworks are set off again in the street. As usual, my youngest Border Collie then comes barking too me. I then sit on the floor and hold her stiffly against me and she quickly calms down. The moment I am sitting like this, I suddenly feel another body against my legs: that of Noya lying curled up against me. No shivering, very stiff but so not hiding in the transport box that has been into our living room for her since September. For me, an unprecedented emotional moment because my dog seeks contact with me and for a moment she doesn't feel like totally unreachable. I am very glad we started this course and see this as a great tool to help my dog with her fear of death during the fireworks period. Thank you Anneke, this works for us."
Gesina with Noya
"I then started looking on the internet for another solution and came across the Qi 4 Paws website. Acupuncture, well you have to believe in it some people say. My email detailing Maggy's problem was written, I had no hope that there was a treatment for it. Anneke wrote; yes I do have treatment for that, and the first consultation was arranged. In this consultation, Anneke asked a lot of questions; she also saw Maggy, lying on the floor like a heap of misery. After her examination she began putting needles, they had to stay in place for fifteen minutes, this did not bother Maggy. Maggy's diet was also adjusted on Anneke's advice. Miracles don't exist, or do they? Not that she immediately felt completely good again, but you could see Maggy's eyes shining again. She also wanted to go outside with the other dogs, I thought at the time, it won't be those few needles after all. After four appointments, I had my Maggy May back, happy and cheerful as she used to be. On top of that, Maggy's hair texture has changed, firmer and shinier. Anneke thank you so much, you have given me back our Maggy."
Harma with Maggy
"Our dog Rocky had been suffering from an intermittent ear infection in his left ear for almost 1.5 years. We also noticed that Rocky was not comfortable in his proverbial skin. He no longer liked being lifted and would growl occasionally. Almost everything western veterinary medicine had to offer Rocky, we had tried but had not found the solution. Anneke took all the time for us and for Rocky, explained exactly what she was going to do and did some tests on him. And indeed, a number of energy pathways were disrupted including one that exits at his ear. The pain Rocky indicated when lifting was also caused by this. After only a few treatments, the pain was gone and we noticed that hairs began to grow again behind his ear. Acupuncture, good nutritional advice and the right medication have ensured that his ear infection is healed, his bald spot is completely gone and he no longer has pain. Very special to be able to see and experience up close what can be achieved through close cooperation between Eastern and Western medicine. Grateful to have been given this opportunity."
Monique with Rocky

After nutritional therapy:

Voedingstherapie: Optimale natuurlijke voeding voor jouw hond of kat om aandoeningen te voorkomen en/of te genezen.


Integrative nutritional therapy


€ 150,-

Questions you may still have:

I can best help you and your dog / cat with a consultation with us at the practice. Because I can see and examine your animal and enter into a dialogue with you, I get the best picture of the situation and I can also give the best advice.

However, for some people it is not possible to come to the practice. They live too far away, have no transportation, or there is another reason. In that case, it is also possible to request an online consultation. For nutritional therapy for disorders, I do need data from your own veterinarian.

A nutrition consultation is intended to ask your questions or to discuss the possibilities for your dog or cat in terms of nutrition and supplements. Nutritional therapy is optimizing the nutrition for your buddy to prevent or treat problems. Nutritional therapy results in a tailor-made nutrition plan based on fresh food.

No, you don’t have to. You can cook/assemble ahead and then store in portions in the fridge and/or freezer Then you only have to add the supplements at the time you start serving it.

When putting together the plan, I take into account the preferences of you and your buddy. If it is the case that there is something in the plan that your buddy does not like, we will adjust the plan.